ALT Conference 2014

OpenLawMap is very excited to be going to the Association of Law Teacher’s Annual Conference. The conference is at the Queen’s Hotel, Leeds, 13-15 April 2014.

This will, in effect, be the launch of OpenLawMap. I will be demonstrating the site to colleagues from beyond Lancashire Law School for the first time. I have that feeling that I always get before a conference paper – really looking forward to sharing some ideas with other law teachers and slightly trepidatious about how they will be received.

I’m giving a presentation on Monday morning called ‘OpenLawMap: an OER for mapping interesting legal places’. This will outline the origins and development of the OpenLawMap project, demonstrate how the site works, and discuss how the resource can be used for all sorts of teaching and learning activities. It goes on to speculate on how legal cartography might provide a distinctive tool for helping some address some concerns around the student experience including alienation and creativity, whilst also providing new ways of doing legal scholarship especially in areas such as law-in-action and legal geography. Big claims, lots of ground to cover, and all in half an hour!

I’m also doing a poster presentation for the first time. My key concern in designing the poster was ‘would this cause someone with a prawn vol-au-vent in one hand, a glass of wine in the other, and 5 people they really need to talk to before the next session starts, stop for 30 seconds and have a chat to me’. I’ll let you know if the design worked.

It was my abiding privilege to be a member of the ALT Committee for 7 years and was its Chair 10 years ago. There could be no better forum for launching OpenLawMap than the ALT Conference.

Best of luck to Becky Huxley-Binns and all the ALT Committee for a successful conference.

Michael Doherty




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